24 August 2010

Confront me if I don't ask for Help

Many years ago, just before my little sister and I were roommates, we had this friend. She stayed with my family on occasion, and most definetely became "one of us" (there is a great "you spit in my face" story connected with her, but I'll save it for another time).

She and my little sister were roommates in Rexburg. During that time she--the friend, who will remain nameless--was a supervisor on an early morning custodial shift. I don't remember how exactly it happened, but she broke her arm (everytime I go to type "broke her arm" in my many renderings of this post, I type "broker her arm." In fact, I just typed "typer" instead of just "type"). She's quite the independant girl, and continued at work with her usual assigning to herself of the toughest jobs. Ridiculous--she barely managed and usually her crew would finish their jobs early and then come help her. That being the case, someone (this was long enough ago that I can't remember if it was a roommate or a co-worker) made her a sign to wear around her neck:
"Confront me if I don't ask for help"
It was written in crayon. :)

We all struggle. We all find ourselves, occasionally, in need of help. Some more often than others. :)
Quite often, in these moments of our direst need, we get a phone call, a text, even a knock on the door. Our uttered or un-uttered prayer of lonliness, longing, or heartache is heard. At the instance we need it the most, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother or Friend turns up filled with loving encouragement. Strength and endurance restored, we face the challenges of life anew, knowing we are not alone, but in fact loved and capable.

Other times, aid comes in the form of a comforting feeling, a rush of knowledge, a reassurance that you are not alone. You are capable, you are strong, you are divine.
Actually, I find this to be a progression. As you come to really understand who you are as a Child of God, your place in His plan of Happiness, and especially your ability to act as an independant and capable agent of divine worth, you move from one "aid plan" to the next.

You may even find it your privilege to call or visit a friend or family member who is silently calling out. You may find yourself living your life in such a way that anyone you come into contact with feels better about the world and their place in it, just for knowing you.

Progression is eternal, I've noticed. I've also noticed in my own life that the next plan just might be this: I know when I'm struggling. I'm very aware of those moments when I just don't want to do this frustrating thing anymore. I know I'm not alone. I know I am a strong, capable, divine daughter of a loving Heavenly Father. I know that I have the gift of agency, and the power to use it for my good and the good of others, or to be selfishly negligent: "I deserve for someone to help me." "I've earned the right to not have to work quite so hard, just this time."
I can ask for help. And I can do it without being a burden or taking advantage. Because we are all in this together. Millions of people don't live on the same planet so that we can reject and isolate ourselves or each other.
Confront me if I don't ask for help.

Is there anything I can do for you today?


Kaypee said...


I have been having a rough time, and have been feeling a tremendous burden of guilt for accepting help. This entry has helped me to see the gift of help differently, and the sentiment is beautiful. I am so grateful I found it and thank you so much for sharing yourself. ANd you are right, there aren't billions of us on the planet so that we all have to shoulder our own burdens alone.

amy said...

Thank you for your comment. I don't know how on earth you came across my blog (I haven't written on it in over a year), but I'm greatful you did.
You are divine. You are strong and capable- strong enough to accept help, capable enough to ask for it. ;)
We all have our unique struggles, but we also have our own unique strengths, we just all plug in like a puzzle to share and love and complete one another.
Thank you, again ...sometimes we rant and reflect in this online venue and hope it has merit... I'm glad you let me know that something I saw and shared was helpful.
God bless!